Communication and Leadership Program for Teens

Benefits to the program

Greater Confidence and Leadership Skills
 Communication and Presentation Skills
 Team leading Skills
 Job Readiness, Interview & Life Skills
 Basic Manners (Etiquette)
 Human Relations Skills
 Customer Service Skills
 Goal Setting and Planning
 Increased Inter-Racial Tolerance
 Teens Basic Financial Management Skills
 College and Higher Ed. Enrollment Info.
 A network for continued growth and development.

Why we do it

People are our most valuable
asset; and corporations, communities, schools, churches
and other organizations are in desperate need of people who
can communicate and lead with good character, and who
operates in excellence, integrity and with a positive attitude; so we are committed to helping people acquire and
improve in these areas; so that they could live and
lead with passion to accomplish their purpose.

How we do it

Through tailored single workshops of
10-30 people on specific topics.
Through a series of two-hour sessions over an extended
period, generally four-eight weeks long, with a graduation ceremony on the following week; and through individual coaching sessions; all designed to build confidence,
communication and leadership, career and life skills.
Participants are actively involved in every area of the ongoing program, and their personal development.
Several assessments are done during the program to
determine, how participants learn best, their strengths
and challenges; and to determine what area/s of learning,
or career, may best suit a participant based on their
natural, or dominant strengths.
There is also continuous coaching during sessions to
help participants navigate life’s challenges, and learn
more effectively.


Office => (724) 603-2029


201 East Fairview Ave.
Connellsville, PA 15425