Children’s communication and leadership program

This program is developed to meet the
needs of a child’s growing mind, and is conducted in a positive, age appropriate, learning environment.

Benefits to the program

 A greater level of Confidence
 Basic Coping Skills: Regarding Rejection, Fairness, Compassion, Accountability etc.
 Basic Communication and Public Speaking Skills
 Basic Leadership Development Skills
 Basic Life Skills
 Good Manners
 Basic Human Relations Skills
 Simple Goal Setting and Planning Skills
 Increased Inter-Racial Tolerance
 Education information for the Future
 A network for continued growth and Volunteering

How we do it

These programs are conducted in a few ways: through
tailored single workshops on specific topics; through a
series of one to two-hour sessions over an extended
period, and through individual coaching sessions, all
designed to build confidence, communication and leadership skills, and early career insights and life skills

Where we do it

We realize that young children are our nation’s
most valuable asset; therefore this Communication and Leadership Program is conducted in communities, Workshops are conducted in a positive learning environment, thereby fostering confidence, personal and professional growth, and practical life skills. We help participants identify their strengths and challenges, and understand how to apply, or transfer the skills learned in the program to advance their personal, educational, career and life goals.
This program is conducted in communities
organizations, corporations, churches, small
groups and on an individual coaching basis organizations, schools, and churches where there
is a commitment to develop the communication
and leadership skills of our
future leaders.


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201 East Fairview Ave.
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